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Evan DeSimone

Journalist/Copywriter/Web Producer

Digital media, online video, tech, and entertainment.

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The Billfold

My No-Bullshit Hiring History: Kitchens, Concert Halls, Banks and More

In addition to handing out programs, I scheduled the other ushers and occasionally ran the sound booth. Perks included choice hours and the ability to wear colors. The highlight of this job was meeting Aretha Franklin backstage. She called me Stewart and asked me to bring her a hamburger....

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The Billfold

A Carny Dream Deferred

When I was I kid, I decided that the ultimate in carefree lifestyles was that of an itinerant carnival worker, otherwise known as the carny....

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The Billfold

An Interview With Justine Mertz About Earning a Living Making Videos for YouTube

I spoke with Justine Mertz, a 28-year-old from New Jersey who earns a living entertaining over 200,000 subscribers with over 18 million views under the pseudonym JPMetz to find out more about the hustle of a professional YouTube creator....

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The Billfold

My Last Hundred Bucks: The Wine That Didn't Want to Make It to the ...

My Last Hundred Bucks: The Wine That Didn't Want to...

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The Billfold

Will You Do 1 Thing With Me For The Next 10 Minutes?

It's Thursday, which means it's time for Do 1 Thing....

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The Billfold

Starting Over at 37

“You know,” she stopped walking, “you’re ruining your life.”...